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How to Propagate Hydrangeas

Because of its beauty hydrangeas are some of the most desirable ornamental flowers for a garden. This plant is native to Japan and China but it propagates easily through the temperate regions of the globe. In some regions, like the Azores, they are considered to be a plague.

Today we'll show you how to prepare a flower bed for hydrangeas, protecting them against an even bigger plague...the terrible weeds!! (...yes! weeds grow faster than hydrangeas!)

Before we take action, here you have some information so you can have beautiful hydrangeas.


Hydrangeas need some sun but also like some shade. If it's very hot while they are nor well established it's very likely that they may not survive.


These flowers appreciate well drained sandy soil, rich in compost, but they to adapt well to almost all conditions.
The colour of the flowers depends on the soil's pH. If the soil is acid, the flowers tend to be blue. On the other hand, if the soil is alkaline they tend to be white, pink or purple.
There are additives to make flowers blue, but if you like it natural, just let nature choose the colour of your flowers.


Abundant water! If you live in a very warm region you should water everyday in summer months. When it's really hot flowers start to fade quickly if they don't get water.


Must be done annually, by cutting the canes close to the base. If you don't cut, bushes might reach 2-3 meters of height.


Propagation is done from cuttings. Canes from old shrubs are cut and reused to make new ones.

Time to plant and time to blossom

Pruning and planting are made in winter after leaves fall, when plants are dormant. Blossom happens in summer months.
These flowers are not edible to humans or animals because they are poisonous.

And now...how do we plant it? There you go...

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