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Cure By Plants

Plants have so many properties and health benefits that it almost becomes wasteful to use them only for food. One single plant might be used both internally and externally, and it can be applied in several ways: tea, inhalation, hydrolates, massage, air diffusion...

Several hard situations over the years have taken our quality of life, which we have tried and keep trying to recover through the simple and beautiful things Nature gives us. This was how we sought to learn more about plants and their influence on physical and emotional health. What we have discovered so far is delicious and most delicious it is to know that there will always be a lot more to learn about!

The plants and fruits that are most used for curing emotional states such as irritability, sadness, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, guilt, among others, are after all the simplest and easiest to find. Rose, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and orange. Fortunately, all of these are plentiful in our country: Portugal! 

In our post "Rose Water: Benefits and How To Make It" we have already spoken about the internal and external uses and its benefits. Roses are the most versatile plants for curing the most varied pathologies, and they are so easy to grow!
It goes without saying that you should make sure to use pure flowers that have not been treated with pesticides. When in doubt, don't buy! Plant it!...and take care of your own flowers.

Lavender, with its soothing properties, is optimal as an inducer of sleep and relaxation. The flowers are used internally for headache, irritability, cold, and nausea. When used in massage, this plant can help relieve muscle aches, rheumatic pain, and is also excellent for treating skin conditions.

The aroma of Eucalyptus, in addition to being very pleasant, has a purifying action on the air due to its bactericidal and antiviral properties. Inhaling the vapors of eucalyptus essential oil in hot water helps relieve nasal congestion caused by allergies and cold. The application in a massage helps relieve headaches and bring fever down.

Rosemary, with its stimulating scent, has antidepressant action and is excellent for improving skin and hair when added to natural cosmetics. Get to know all properties of rosemary in our post Rosemary: Medicinal Properties and Ways of Use.

The smell of citrus fruits is wonderful and it is also an inducer of well-being. In aromatherapy, the aroma of Lemon, Orange and even Bergamot is used to calm states of irritability, anger, sadness, and depression. For a long-lasting effect at home, you can use the essential oils of these fruits. Just use a diffuser and you'll feel the aroma for several hours.
If the essential oil is extracted by pressing the peel, it is photosensitive and should only be added to cosmetics that will be used at night.

Essential oils should not be used directly on the skin. You should always dilute them in a carrier oil or add to a shampoo or moisturizer before applying. 

For those who wish to start enjoying the aromas and their benefits at home, it is advisable to buy an electric diffuser as it keeps the water temperature constant and keeps the aroma for a selected period of time. The burners with candle do not keep the temperature stable and do not diffuse the aroma with the same efficiency. You can find quality, energy efficient diffusers here.

With regard to essential oils, it is highly recommended to buy certified organic. In topical application, essential oils enter rapidly into the bloodstream. When the goal is welfare, it is far better not to risk and invest a little more in quality products. We have purchased several essential oils and can recommend these.


Wellness, whether physical or emotional or both, is undoubtedly increasingly important to rediscover balance. Modern society forces us to lead a life that often has nothing to do with what we are or need. Time after time you have to learn to live again, return to the origins, and "anchor here and now", without thinking, wanting or having...just being!

In the next posts we'll be talking about other subjects related to wellness, which we came across in our quest for a more meaningful life. Until then, take good care!

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