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Homemade Honey Facial Cleanser

So much is said about protecting the environment and seeking a healthier life, but this ecological movement seems to be stuck in time in our country.

We are encouraged to recycle, but not encouraged or taught not to produce junk.
We are encouraged to eat healthy food, but not encouraged to use or make our own natural products to take care of ourselves and our homes.

The quest for what is natural is part of all of us, whether we know it or not. So today we bring another tip to replace chemicals for homemade natural products. So simple, yet so good!

Simplicity is something that seems to match everything. Homemade products are no exception. Remember, the less ingredients the better! Here's a simple recipe for facial cleansing gel:


  1. Distilled water: 3 tbsp
  2. Castile soap: 65ml
  3. Raw Honey65ml
  4. Almond oil: 2 tbsp
  5. Essential oils: (optional for the aroma)

Why These Ingredients?

Distilled water: or boiled water helps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and also helps in the formation of foam in contact with Castile soap. 

Castile soap (unscented): is a vegetable soap made with ingredients that everyone knows. It is the soap that's most used in the elaboration of natural products, from shampoo to cleaning detergents. 
If you don't know where to buy Castile soap, you can find it here or here.

Honey: has antibacterial properties and is widely used in skin and hair treatments.

Almond oil: rich in vitamins E and D, softens, calms and soothes the skin.

How To Do It?

In a soap dispenser place water first to avoid bubbles, then place Castile soap, honey and almond oil . Shake the bottle util the ingredients are all well combined and the honey fully dissolved. Optionally, you can use essential oils to add aroma to the gel. Shake the bottle before each use. Store at room temperature. This gel can be used to cleanse the skin but also to wash hands.

Watch the video at the end of the post.

When making natural products at home, never forget to check if you have allergies to the ingredients of each recipe. 

Many people complain about lack of time and ask us how we can make our own products at home. It is often said "Where there's a will, there's a way". Everything we do is according to our possibilities. Also notice that the natural products we make are simple and do not take much time. We believe it's not matter of having time, but of having the will or having a reason to do so, to have a "Why". Our "Why" is to live a frugal life, is the contact with nature, is to consume less and better, is to save the environment and the wallet too, of course!

Big industries have undermined the world with fake easy solutions like "buy-it-not-to-have-the-work-to-do-it" and in reality we are taking home products that are expensive and harmful to the health and the environment. Of course, it's not always easy or possible to escape from this, but we can make an effort to make the world around us a purer place to live.

Products we usually buy for this recipe and recommend for their high quality.

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