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How To Make Turmeric Powder...or Saffron

After mentioning some of the many benefits of turmeric in this post, we move on to the next phase: how to extract the powder? It is a simple process that can be easily done at home. Only a few precautions are required so you and your kitchen won't be painted yellow.


  • Small sharp knife for peeling and cutting
  • Disposable gloves
  • Chopper or food processor
  • Sieve and bowl
  • Small funnel
  • Airtight container

Extracting the powder comes down to a few simple steps. Here it goes:

And so we get homemade saffron! The intense aroma and vivid colour are incredible! No comparison to purchased saffron.

Although its properties are almost miraculous, daily amounts also have limits. Studies show that daily intake of turmeric must not exceed 10g and should be used as a food additive. Foods and their properties can have very different effects on each person, so before venturing into extreme diets or overeating superfoods it is advisable to see a nutritionist.

Video - How to make turmeric powder...or saffron

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