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What To Put In Your Compost Bin

When it comes the time to cultivate and fertilize plants, it's good to add natural compost. Often some doubts arise about what to compost. You cannot put all food ingredients in your compost bin. This is a process of decomposition of organic matter and, if there are bad odors, it will attract rodent animals.

The decomposition time depends very much on how the food scraps and debris are disposed. If these are shredded, instead of whole, the process will be faster. The temperature and moisture inside the container are also conditioning factors. In any case, you can count on at least 6 months to start using your own compost for gardening.

The more variety you put in the container, the more nutrients the compost will have. You can put green/fresh or dry items. Dry items provide carbon and green/fresh items provide nitrogen to the compost pile. Here's what you can put in your compost bin.

*Make sure that weeds do not contain seeds so you'll not be importing them into your compost pile and subsequently into your garden.
*Sick plants and leaves should be burned.

We hope these tips have been useful to you. Now that you know...Compost it! Don't waste it!

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