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Mixed Bread Recipe

The best way to make sure we are eating healthy is to cook our own food at home. No exception when it comes to bread. There's a significant difference in terms of quality and price when comparing to the bread you buy at the supermarket. While you don't really know what it's made of (we mean hidden noxious ingredients), it's also costly. In addition, there's an unfair disadvantage: "the healthier, the more expensive".

So, today we're showing you the way we bake bread at home. We always bake mixed seed bread and these are the usual ingredients.

  • 500g wheat flour 
  • 250g rye flour 
  • 250g whole wheat flour
  • Seeds: sunflower, sesame, poppy, and linseed (about 30g each)
  • 900ml warm water
  • 1 dessert spoon salt
  • Baker's yeast for 1kg of flour (quantity depends on the brand)

We use an electric mixer to make bread dough. In the mixer's bowl we put the flours, the yeast, the seeds, and the water and start mixing in low speed. When dough starts to form we increase the speed. Once dough is ready, we cover it and leave it to rise for about 1h.

We then place the dough in a slightly floured surface and start shaping. This is the best thing about baking bread at home. We can use our imagination and shape the bread the way we want. Because the weather is cold, we're using the wood oven instead of the electric one. Baking takes about 40min. This way we spare energy and obtain a beautiful healthy homemade bread. Tastes like old times!

With this recipe, with 1kg flour, we obtained about 2kgs of bread. By our count, the price of our homemade bread is roughly the same as a 400g of industrial bread at the supermarket.

Two tips:

  • If you bake with whole flours only, the bread will be flat and it will be necessary to adjust the quantity of water. 
  • If you use the electric oven, baking time will take longer. 

Want to see how we do it?

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