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How To Make Smudge Sticks | Homemade Natural Incense with Herb Bundles

Throughout the year there are many plants that can be collected directly from nature and used in various ways for physical and emotional well-being. In today's post we will show you how to make natural incense at home, in a simple and economical way, using seasoning herbs. At the end of the post you can also watch our educational video explaining how to make these smudge sticks step by step.

Herb bundles can be made for many purposes. Some people make them as a form of aromatherapy, to purify the air, or to clear energies from closed spaces. Whatever the reason for making homemade incense, it is always an excellent opportunity to take a walk in the countryside and collect these herbs that, besides incense, can also be used for cooking or making tea. 

Each plant has its own properties and can be used for a different purpose. Here are just a few examples:

Thyme. Improves mood and increases serotonin and dopamine levels.

Rosemary. Is refreshing, improves the ability to concentrate and has an air purifying action.

Mint. Helps relieve nausea and motion sickness, fights fatigue, and increases energy.

Lavender. Has a relaxing and antidepressant effect.

Oregano. Strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air.

Fennel. Promotes well-being and increases self-confidence.

These are just a few examples of plants that can be used in home made smudge sticks. Now let's see how to make and use these herb bundles.

How to Make

Smudge sticks can be made with fresh or dried plants, but it's easier to make while the plants are fresh and flexible. They can be made with just one plant or a combination of several plants. So let's see how to make them:

  1. Choose the plant and cut stems of the same size (more or less 20cm).
  2. Compact the stems with your hands.
  3. Tie one end with cotton thread or other natural material.
  4. Pass the thread tightly around the plants.  
  5. Repeat the thread in both directions. After drying the plant loses volume, so the thread must be very tight.
  6. At the end, make a knot so that the smudge sticks can be hung while drying.
  7. Leave to dry, hanging in a well-ventilated place, away from sunlight. Drying time depends on air temperature and humidity, but can take at least two weeks. 

How to Use

Herb bundles should only be used when the plants are very dry. 

To use, simply burn one end of the smudge stick. As with normal incense, you only have to burn the end for a few seconds. Then just let the aroma spread through the air... and enjoy!

This is a great way to enjoy nature both in and outdoors :)

Here's our step by step video to make smudge sticks.

How To Make  Smudge Sticks | Homemade Natural Incense | Herb Bundles

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