" Blog da Horta Biológica: Aloe vera - From Cultivation to Harvesting

Aloe vera - From Cultivation to Harvesting

Aloe is a botanical genus that has hundreds of species. In this post we will show you how to grow the Aloe vera species, also known as Aloe barbadensis. Since ancient times, this plant is well known for its benefits, properties, and internal and external uses. 

We don't want to make this post too long so we'll focus on cultivation and will talk about the properties and uses in another post. See our infographic and, at the end of the post, our educational video where we show how to propagate, how to care for the plant, and how to extract and preserve the gel.

In our infographic we show the specifications of this plant, with all the necessary information for the cultivation. 

* This plant was considered to belong to the Liliaceae family but after some recent studies it was reclassified into the Asphodelaceae family.

Aloe Vera en de Blog da Horta Biológica

See in our video detailed information on cultivation, plant care, and gel extraction. If you haven't subscribed yet, take the opportunity to do so if you don't want to miss any of our videos :)

VIDEO: Aloe Vera - From Cultivation To Harvesting

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